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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Real Weddings: Jenny & Harris' Wedding at Dartmouth House by Bernard Pretorius Photography

Hello and Wednesday once again is upon us. You may have noticed that Wednesday's mean a trip to our capital for another Real Wedding installment. Today I bring you the delights of Dartmouth House and also the creativity behind the lens that is Bernard Pretorius Photography.

I am very excited about this Wedding, I love lots of things about this Wedding, I love a Groom in a bow tie, I love a grand old staircase to show off a lovely dress, I also love a good London Wedding.

So lets go on a Wedding journey with Bernard Pretorius Photography- why not take a look at more work here.

In the heart of London’s Mayfair is the stunning building of Dartmouth House. This is where Jenny and Harris spent their wedding day with their wonderful family and friends, and unlike their pre-wedding shoot we were blessed with warm, sunny weather with plenty of blue sky to go around.
I first met up with Harris and his mates in the Only Running Footman down the road where they all gathered for a beer and a bit of chatter and jokes before the ceremony. The groom totally looked the part in his midnight-blue suit and bow tie, with the rest of the guys all suited and booted. At the other end of the road Jenny was getting ready in the Chesterfield hotel. When I met up with her make-up artist Yiannis just finished his final touches, and hair stylist Inga was busy doing her thing. The girls all seemed to be relaxed and enjoying some champagne and giggles, whilst Jenny was helped into her dress by her lovely cousin.
Harris waited nervously in the Churchill room for his bride. With the doors remaining shut as Jenny and her dad walked up the beautiful marble staircase and waited for the big entrance. Jenny was truly the center of attention as she walked into the room with her beautifully, elegant Emma Victoria Payne bridal gown. As the bride and groom saw each other , there was no mistaking about their love for each other – their faces told their love story with one loving look.
Their day continued to be filled with emotion, tears and laughter throughout all the readings and speeches. And as stories about them as a couple and as individuals were shared, it was glaringly obvious that these two were destined for each other. Following a lovely hearty meal it was time to head back over to the Churchill room for their first dance – a dance that they had choreographed, practised and executed with perfection and lots of smiles.
Being part of their day and capturing their Dartmouth House wedding photography was not just a privilege, but incredibly fun effortless. Congratulations again guys – may you have many, many years of happiness ahead of you!
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