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Friday, 12 September 2014

The Planning Edition: Compiling your Guest List

Hello and welcome to another post in the Planning Edition section of the blog. I wanted to share with you today my pearls of wisdom from a Wedding Planner's and also a Bride's perspective. Having experienced both sides of the coin now it seems that the guest list is easier said than done. But I had to practise what I preached for 4 years.

How did I do it?

Well I used a methodical approach and stuck to my guns. Here is exactly how I did it.

What you will need: 2 pieces of paper and a pen :-) You will also need your other half.

Day Guests:

Use a piece of paper for each of you, separated into two columns named family and friends.

The family column write a list of everyone in families so aunties and uncles and then their children etc. Try to keep them coupled together this will make it easier in the culling process (harsh but honest).

Friends write down as couples if applicable, children also. Repeat for your other half.

Evening Guests:

Make 2 lists again using the format above of evening guests - including friends, work colleagues, family.

Normally you don't invite additional children to the evening - but that is up to you.

What's next?

Depending on your numbers you will either be pleasantly surprised that you know so many people or are having a heart attack. OR you may find that its a manageable amount that falls in budget.

So you need to do a quick costing of price per head against the package you have selected at your venue and what it is for overflow when you go beyond a certain amount.

You then need to double check the ceremony capacity and reception capacity for a sit down meal (or similar alternative depending on your choice). You do after all need to make sure they fit.

How does that look price wise? Are you over budget or under budget?

To many heads?

Well if there are way too many heads then you need to look at the culling process. You need to go through (cue highlighter) and put a strike through people that you could if push come to shove that you could maybe just invite to the evening. This is an initial cull and will remain top secret so don't feel guilty. This should be done from the perspective of you and how you all feel about it. You don't need to factor in other things at this stage. Simply because it is not the final cut. You need to ensure that you don't get influenced just yet.

How does the initial cull look? Did you manage to get it down enough to fit within your budget.

Add those 'cull' people to the evening - how does that list look?

To few heads?

If you have a package price and are falling below it remember that you will still need to pay for the initial package. Perhaps you have missed someone off that you didn't think of on your first draft. Do you have a single friend that could invite a plus one? Have you got friends of the family that have watched you grow up over the years.

So how does this sit now? Manageable I hope or at the very least it has been a help to get you on your way. The single most important piece of advice from me is always always limit who you have these kinds of conversations with - you will be surprised at how easily swayed you can be and trust me it is not just you. You will learn to plot these things in silence and share with a select few.

Do you have anything to add? We would love to hear how you faired. Drop me an email blissweddings@outlook.com

Love Katie x