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Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Wedding Planner becomes the Bride: The Elements of my Hollywood Dreams Dress

As promised here is the post you have been waiting for! The one where I divulge my Wedding Dress. Firstly I shall share with you the blog post from my wedding blog which I wrote a few days after we made the decision. I like to do this so you can see that all my feelings and emotions and all my wedding troubles are just the same as you or any other Bride. I shall then share with you the images of the dress or dresses as you will soon see.

Stop Press I have found the Dress! - 05/06/13 - 2:00pm
After what feels like an age of searching, I have chosen my dress. Mamma Sue and R Kid in tow we spent a very long time scouring some of the North Wests best dress shops. We have now seen our fair share of dresses from lace to bling and everything in between. We have also seen some uber-digusting ones which people would never have in a sane mind so we did quite a lot of skipping past.

With Sophie being everso helpful picking out dresses she likes and saying 'Mum, i found mine' watch out Owain. And my darling Mother who has pulled an array of facial expressions, many which I have never seen before, the head shaking 'No', to the 'ermmmmmm' its ok, to the 'hell-to-the-O' face that's a contender.

I did have a clear idea as to what I wanted when we first booked the wedding but seeing as its now a Church the game is upped. On our first trip out we saw some lovely ones but we didnt take the plunge then but we did think it was between 2. In my years of dreaming about getting married there was one designer that I had always loved and in this dream I would be swishing it around. So, it would have been rude to have not at least gone for a look....wouldn't it.

Sophie doesn't like this bit because she was in Spain, but me and Mum went to Cheshire Brides in Frodsham and there was a designer day on so we requested 6 dresses to be brought to the store for a dress fest! Most people know I love bling, sparkle and shiny things so I was in my element, my eyes couldn't get enough. But, I also love expensive things don't I Mum?.

My dress is going to be special, not only because its mine but because it is a combination of three dresses. Couture Darling. So you won't be finding my dress on no peg sister! It was a bit tough narrowing it down to the bits of the dresses I wanted and there was a lot of folding over to try and see the skirt of one, the top of another. But I finally decided what I wanted with a few extra bits *A-hem, extra train*.

Mum treated me to a Costa Coffee whilst we deliberated and rang Dad to ask if I can have it. Dad said something along the lines of 'Is she happy with it, is it what she wants? Then OK then'. *Wipes a Tear*
With that we signed on the dotted line and have a few more trips over to Cheshire Brides to get it just right.

So it is going to be EPIC. Although I haven't got it yet I know it is going to be amazing and everything I wanted, so thank you Mum and Dad for getting me the dress of my dreams.

The Uber Happy Bride to Be. x

So the three dresses which my Katie Couture Special Hollywood Dreams Dress is made of are:

The bodice of my dress is from Collette. I didn't want the low backline nor the skirt - oh what a DIVA Katie! I also didn't want the shoestring /spaghetti straps so I would be having them removed. Double Diva Alert!

"Collette" long white wedding dress with full sparkling tulle skirt & beaded lace bodice from Hollywood Dreams.

The beading continued all around the back too.

Hollywood Dreams | Designer Bridal Gowns & Dresses - Collette 02

The skirt is from a dress called Sienna. I was a bit naughty as I asked for an extra 2 metres on the train...

Hollywood Dreams - Sienna - 2013

The little something special I wanted was the organza flower from the beautiful dress called Rebecca. One of my best friends is called Rebecca so she was made up! You should just be about able to make them out.

Hollywood Dreams, strapless wedding dress - Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

Next Week (Sorry) I will tell you about when I saw my dress for the first time and then journey until I brought the beauty home. Pictures will of course be included!

See you next week.

Love Katie x