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Monday, 22 September 2014

The Maids Edition: Keeping those maids under control!

We can all vouch for what women are like. We can get out of control, we can be dramatic and we can be highly opinionated. Yes that's right, we can be class A Bitches (Sorry).

When it comes to your Bridesmaids it is important that all is well across the group. Depending on who you have chosen and how well you get on with them individually and they in turn with the rest of the group you may need some bonding sessions and also ground rules.

You know by now that where possible I like to share my experience and also now my personal journey through my Bride Eyes. This is something whereby, despite it being the best time of your life, add in the stress of all you have to do in general for work, home etc plus then all the wedding commitments. To be blunt, you could really do without having Bridesmaid drama.

From my own experience I have to say my Bridesmaids were amazing. However, things come up in day to day life that mean unfortunately your wedding is not the world to them. It is of course to you. My Sister and Mum lived and breathed every day for a whole year my wedding. It was all we talked about. I sometimes got a bit cross when they didn't come back to me on certain things - a bit Bridezilla I know!

So what do you do?

I would say where possible and if appropriate get everyone together for coffee and cake or cocktails and nibbles. This allows one night dedicated to getting things sorted. Mine came from different walks in my life so they really didn't know each other and they are playing a huge part in the biggest day of your life - they need to all feel equal and important.

Give the "Head of Bridesmaids" the task of planning your hen party or bridal shower - they will all be involved and step up to the plate. She can delegate out allowing you to focus on other things.

Set up Wedding Dates with them so you can spend quality time together. Its not practical to get everyone together all the time and I am sure they would love it.

I would try to find a balance between remembering that the wedding isn't their every thought but also that they do have a job to do. The do have a commitment to you, one you expect them to uphold. Make sure that between you, realistic tasks are taken on by that person - this will in turn prevent any upset from either side.

Overall I am sure all will be wonderful!

Do you have any advice to add? I would love to hear from you; email blissweddings@outlook.com

Love Katie x