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Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Wedding Planner becomes the Bride: Our Planning Vows


Today on the personal post I have an entry from 13th June 2013 which is called Our Planning Vows. I blogged the whole way through my planning process and intend by the end of this year to have created a Wedding Journal so that I have all that wonderfulness in one place. I am incredibly proud of my wedding blog and used it to air everything I felt throughout the 10 months I was planning our wedding. More of course will follow over the coming weeks and months (just so I can relive it again!).

I was very aware of the task I was about to take on having been in the planning business since 2010. Although no-one at my work knew about my alter ego, my friends and family did and I more than anyone couldn't have anything let me down. I also knew that then in turn with the added pressure on me, after all you will know there is a huge amount already, that there was a potential for me to be stressed out just as much as the next Bride. Some people become a Bridezilla and whilst I knew it would never be that bad - having the insider information my need for control and perfection would be a huge problem.

I am not a control freak - to my mum who may or may not read this - I am NOT, I don't care what you say. We also didn't have the biggest budget so I did have to put some ideas to the side and try to make do without them - trust me it is a lot worse when you have been to as many as me and have organised some rather elaborate affairs.

When I wrote this i was so incredibly exited and I want you to see through my words that yours too doesn't have to get you down - somethings are unavoidable but maybe you should write something funny like me and stick them on the fridge so that when you feel like pulling your hair out because he doesn't agree you can refer to them!.

Our Planning Vows: 13th June 2013. 

I have seen quite a lot of things which make it sound like every Bride becomes this crazy woman who the Groom doesn't want to marry. Isn't it obvious to not let it ruin your life when it is supposed to be the start of a new part of your life? I think it is crazy when you read things like - "Keep one night a week free from Wedding Talk". With a year to plan I couldn't think of anything worse than talking to Ben about it for 365 days!

Whilst the whole Bridezilla thing could never be the case with me, would it Ben?? I am going to set some Planning Vows to stick too and I will also include some for Ben.

So I Katie...
  • I will let you have a say
  • I promise not to bore you
  • I will do the majority of the organising and planning, so you don't have too - phew!
  • I promise to keep my dress a secret even though it is killing me
  • I will try to be patient for the 7th February
  • I promise to not put you in a Pink Suit, a splash of pink only
  • I will try not to cry too much despite being an emotional wreck
  • I promise to not force you to do anything
  • I will make a good case for everything
  • I promise not hide any plans from you but if you chose to not to read between the lines that's not my fault

And you Ben...
  • Will be diplomatic when you think it is a horrific idea
  • Promise to remember this is one day event and therefore it is a good idea
  • Will remember that is a one day event and that I want it, therefore it is a good idea
  • Promise to let me be creative
  • Will let me have pink as much as I want
  • Promise to add the necessary "awwww" that's cute when required, without a hint.
  • Will still catch the spiders as they have nothing to do with the Wedding.
  • Finally, promise to get excited about sparkly things!
Not a Bridezilla in sight if we stick to them or in fact any male input: Result!