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Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Wedding Planner becomes the Bride: My nearly Ronald Joyce dress

Hello once again. Did you like this morning's Real Wedding? I thought you might.

Today I will embark on what was nearly my Ronald Joyce dress. Like most other Brides the dress was the thing I was most looking forward to getting down to. You may well be mistaken as until I said it to people they thought the opposite. When you have worked in the wedding industry and seen all that I have seen, choosing your own wedding dress is difficult. I would look at a dress and think it was lovely then remember something about it being similar to someone elses. I know that no-one else will have seen it but that was not the point.

I knew what sort of dress I wanted, I wanted a princess dress. Lace is beautiful but just not me, I did always say that should a stunning lace dress cross my path I could be completely swayed. I went to a Bridal Shop in Bolton near where I live and I found some lovely dresses in this particular shop. The other thing which my dress needed to have was sparkle. I love everything that glitters and sparkles and I think that everyone thought I was going to have a full on bling fest for a dress. I have always said that I have glitter in my blood and I do really believe that to be true.

So today I will show you my two dresses which I had narrowed it down to in this particular shop. I call this post my nearly Ronald Joyce dress because in the end I didn't go for either after what was weeks of debating. Next week I will show you what did happen and I can't wait to share it with you!

The first dress is called Kate. I thought this was total fate as I am one too. It has absolutely stunning beading and detail on the flowers and has a sheer overlay on the neckline. It had many layers to the skirt and just floated and swished - so it had the princess tick! The flower detail you should just be able to see from the photograph below that the flowers flowed down the hip line to elongate the torso.

20 Fascinating And Gorgeous Wedding Dresses

The second dress is called Beatrice and this one was the one that brought tears to my mum's eyes when she say it. She actually said "Kate this is the one". I really was swaying towards this dress. It had the princessy look, it had the sparkle, it had the train. It was more structured than the first but had the belt to pull it back in so it wasn't to "sticky out". More importantly my mum's reaction was what I wanted and felt like I needed in order to take the plunge.

This was one of my shortlist dresses - stunning

So why didn't I do it? Because rather snobbily of me I felt like I had seen them before. I had to go with my heart and I kept looking at other dresses. I won't tell you too much of the tale as this leads quite nicely onto the dress I actually went for- lets keep you hanging!

So until the excitement of next week...
Love Katie x