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Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Wedding Planner becomes The Bride: How me and Ben met

Welcome to my new readers, hello to those who have returned. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Something which I want to do on the blog is to talk about my story. No, no, not to bore you all -  my life isn't completely fabulous or particularly more exciting than others to be honest. But I do believe everyone has a story to tell and this is my blog so...quite frankly I will!

To tell my story, I do need to rewind 10 and a half years now. Me and my wonderful Ben met on the off-chance on a night out. I may as well reveal my age - I am now 27 so yes we were 17 when I met him. He is older than me, not that he looks it but he is now the grand old age of 36.

We met in a night club Sol Viva in Bury. This is somewhat a bit of a legend (being the only night club there apart from Siberia who no-one dared go to) Sol Viva. Two words which you associate with Bury. Sticky floor also springs to mind.

I am sure you will agree a tourist delight (picture below), a beautiful addition to the Bury landscape.

Regardless of how much I shudder, this was indeed the haunt to be in Bury for many a moon. Those over the age of 30 will remember it as the Roxy and many reading this will have had a flashback or two probably at hearing the name.

With an over 25 room, an RnB room and a minion room there was choice of music and dare I say it individuals, the oldies, the groovers and the druggies respectively.

In all seriousness, me and Ben met in Sol Viva, I am not ashamed to admit it but I do hope people don't think any less of us. Ben was in the Over 25 room (sorry Ben) and I naturally was busting the moves in the RnB room (Shabba). Anyway I got in to the oldies room and a half cut Ben and friends were in there.
Fast forward a few hours as it all gets a bit messy and the last dance of the night comes on and its Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing which to clarify is my favourite film ever and one of my favourite songs. Patrick Swayze is also amazing as Jonny. I nailed it / killed it with dancing and singing depending on who answers the question.

I managed to write my number down in eyeliner (classy) #allhailrimmel on the back of a bus ticket (also classy) and gave it to Ben and the rest is history.

Ben even then was someone who lost everything - something which is a daily occurrence in our house with the wallet, the phone, the keys, the pass for work, the belt. Lets just say he was the same then too. So he had no phone. He did a couple of weeks later get a Nokia 3310 - rock out and then text me to ask if I fancied meeting up. 

Of course I did, I was apprehensive as compared to me he felt like an old man at 25 but I soon realised that he was just adorable. I knew very early on that he was a keeper. 

So me and Ben as a tribute to the glorious start to our relationship had that song as the last dance at our Wedding. 

Love Katie x