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Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Wedding Planner becomes the Bride: The Bliss Weddings Proposal.

Today we have the tale of The Bliss Weddings Proposal. One the 29th July 2007 I Katie said Yes to marrying Ben.

Once again this extract is taken from my Wedding Blog so here we go.

The proposal...

Maybe not the most romantic story this website will have ever seen but here we go...

Ben promised me we would get engaged before my 21st Birthday and me being me, I was on countdown. So, having booked our holiday for the September to Tunisia, I merely suggested to Ben that my 21st Birthday was on the horizon and reminded him of his promise. I can't fully remember how the conversation went so we will skip to the interesting and also important bit...

We went shopping to have a look at engagement rings- there was no point really, as all my friends will know, I had my ring picked out from being with Ben for a few months! So we went looking anyway and at Ernest Jones in Manchester we tried on a couple of rings.

Victoria’s Secret to open in Leeds and Manchester
I am not sure how it happened, I promise I didnt spike his morning brew, but the next thing I know the ring (the ring I had wanted for years) was in a box and it was paid for. This was on the promise that it would be given to me on Ben's terms in the not so distant future (my terms).

So we went to the Bulls Head- not for a carvery, way before they brought that rubbish in - and had some lunch. All the while this little green bag was in my bag. It was a very weird lunch.

Anyway we got back to Ben's Parents and they were away at Auntie Ethel's in Norfolk as it was her Birthday and Ben said something like come on give me the ring you are not having it now.

I reluctantly handed it over and the started to open it and I went mad, saying how he was so mean for doing that to me! He said in a little cheesy voice whilst opening the box 'Will you Marry Me?' I said I am not saying anything until its real. He said 'OK' and closed the box and then asked me again adding 'this is real'.

I said 'Yes' in a very dramatic voice thinking he was still half joking and then he went to put the ring on my finger. I realised he wasn't joking when i noticed he was crying (Sorry Ben, needed to put that in for effect, by in my defence, it is completely true).

To this day I don't think I have ever been so excited, happy and pleased as I was when that ring was on my finger for keeps.
My engagement ring

So it wasn't down on bended knee or in a glass of champagne it was in the corner of the Carole & Sonny's back room near the chair but it was perfect, just the two of us in a place we call home and of course my sparkly 12 diamonds. xxx