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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lovely Pretty Things: How to make your own Wedding Pom Poms from Once Wed

Happy Tuesday beautiful people. How is life? How is the Wedding?

Time to dig out the craft box again for the latest post in all things Wedding DIY. Today is one which I myself had a dabble in when I had my Bridal Shower except I made them with tissue not tulle. Everything was made in pink and white and it did look stunning once I added in my fairy lights, streamers and the bunting.

Why not get super creative? We want images of your creations if you do it! Its very simple, very quick and rather cost effective if you shop around and are savvy with your materials.

Tutorial and all images courtesy of Once Wed

DIY Wedding Pom Poms


Laurie really enjoys working with tulle, but admits it’s easy to overlook the beauty of the materiel because it is typically used in all the wrong ways. She really wanted to find a way to incorporate it so people could see it’s lovely airy/ethereal qualities and I definitely think she accomplished her goal with this DIY. Like with so many of Laurie’s other projects, there are endless amounts of color choices and variations to complement your color palette perfectly. I can’t decide which version of the project I love better?


What You’ll Need
Tulle ( 6″ wide) (One 25 yard spool will yield 9 poofs)
Fabric coated wire
Stick-on rhinestones ( 10 – 12 per poof)
A scrap of heavy card stock
Fishing line
Wire cutters
1. Cut a length of tulle, two and a half yards long.
2. Cut a scrap of card stock 4 inches by 6 inches.
3. Wrap your length of tulle around the width of the card until you
reach the end. (see fig 1)
4. Carefully slide the tulle off the card. (see fig 2)
5. Cut a 2″ piece of coated wire and twist it around the center of
the tulle bundle to create a bow shape. (see fig 3)
6. Slide your scissors through the tulle bow loops and carefully cut
the ends. Repeat on the other side. (see fig 4)
7. Begin pulling the tulle layers towards the center. Fluff and
shape your poof. . Trim any extra long pieces to make your poof
round. (see fig 5 and 6)
8. Stick your rhinestones randomly on the poof. Give them a good
squeeze to be sure they stick. (see fig 7)
9. Repeat the steps above to make a collection of the poofs. (see fig 8)
10. To hang individual poofs, thread your needle with a length of
fishing line and knot the end. Run it through the center of the poof
and hang. (see fig 9)
11. To make a garland, thread your needle with a length of fishing
line and knot the end. String your poofs on the line and knot the
other end. (With two spools of tulle, I created a garland about four
and a half feet long.)
Enjoy little crafters :-)
Katie x