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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Lovely Pretty Things: DIY Wedding - How to make your own heart Piñatas from Bespoke Bride

Hello and it is crafty Tuesday once again...ready to have some fun?

I absolutely love this idea. One of the things I realised in the past few years is that I never had a Piñata - what a terrible set of parents I have. With my Birthday fast approaching I am hoping that someone in my family will either get the hint to buy or make me one.

But these are also a fantastic idea for your wedding! Not just a wonderful creative decoration but one that can double up as a fun game for adults and children. Tie it all in with your colour scheme, pop a personalised label on there and you have something fabulous for people to enjoy or take home.

Lets get creative.

Love Katie x

All images and words are courtesy of Bespoke Bride.

Mini heart pinata DIY Tutorial how to make a pinata wedding diy mexican wedding fiesta cinco de mayo Main
So I know Cinco De Mayo is over but who says we can’t have our own little Mexican Fiesta whenever we want? I for one absolutely love Mexico and what I also love is pretty little things that contain lots of yummy sweets and treats! AKA piñatas! Making your own mini piñatas is not only easy but is also the perfect favour for your wedding or would make for some great decor/party fun! Here’s what you’ll need to make these little beauties:
// Card (I used a cereal box) // Tissue/crepe paper in the colours of your choice // Sweets // Scissors // Sellotape //All purpose glue // Ribbon // Glitter (optional, but deep down, we all know it’s absolutely necessary) //
Mini heart pinata DIY Tutorial how to make a pinata wedding diy mexican wedding fiesta cinco de mayo fun
1: Using a stencil or free hand, cut out 2 heart shapes (the same size) and a long piece of card about 4cm wide.
2: Cut your ribbon into 2 strips of the desired length and tape one to each of the hearts.
3: Tape your long thin strip at a 90 degree angle to your heart.
4: Tape the other heart on top and be sure to leave a small gap for your sweets!
5: Fill the heart with treats and glitter!
6: Tape up the little gap so you now have a secure cardboard heart filled with goodies!
7: Tissue paper time! Cut all of your colours into thin strips and create a fringe effect.
8: Starting at the bottom of the heart begin to layer your fringed tissue paper with glue! Be sure to leave the fringes free from glue though!
9: Continue until the whole side of your heart is covered!
10: Repeat on the other side of your heart and then trim around the edges to make the heart shape prominent again.
11: Time to cover the sides! Start at the bottom again and work your way up until the top, middle of the heart.
12: Once you’ve reached the middle, start at the bottom of the other side of your heart and repeat until it’s completely covered!
And that’s it! You’re all done! Easy right? The best part is cracking it open though, especially since you know what treats went into it!
Much Bespoke Love
Jess x